Former Crew Member visits the Kam in Hawaii

A little while back, I received an email from former crew member Rick Wozniakowski who was on vacation in Hawaii:

Hi Greg,

We had good luck in Hawaii. The Kam is alive and well. She is now involved in some pretty cool operations. They gutted all of mcc. It is now the crews lounge. The Library is the supply office. A lot of stuff from nav center is gone. There are racks where launcher used to be. Some tubes are storage. Two of them lead to those diving tanks on the top. They can carry just divers or mini subs. The duty officer told me that their longest time submerged was 105 days. No thanks. He also said she will be decommissioned in about one year. I really don't get the money they put into her just to decommission her. She is the last one.

Well I caught a good cold the day before we left Hawaii so now I am pretty miserable. But the rest of the vacation was great. Take it easy

Best Regards, Rick