Kamehameha Photos 

From Gene D'Astoli

The photos on this page were contributed by Gene D'Astoli, who served aboard the Kam in the late 1980's and early 1990's.

01.jpg (25936 bytes) The Kam 1991 in Holy Loch alongside the Simon Lake.
02.jpg (36811 bytes) Leaving the Boat for the day. 1991
03.jpg (13616 bytes) D'Astoli, Flores & Tecca in Edinburgh 1991

D'Astoli as LOS, Missile Emergency Drill
05.jpg (12255 bytes) D'Astoli, Hoovler, Thomas, Ormsby, Banasiak PNSY 1988
06.jpg (13420 bytes) Mike Keithly as Topside Holy Loch 1991

Jim Bailey as MCRP, Missile Emergency 1990
08.jpg (9483 bytes) Ormsby with a DINQ Kiley and Duschane (I think) PNSY 1989
09.jpg (11971 bytes) Mess Decks Movie

MTCS/SS Craig Aulick, Missile Emergency
11.jpg (15744 bytes) Saturday Night Poker with, Thompson and Tecca in front and Dereck Lachance turned around Andy Flores behind Lachance.

Living Barge PNSY rack 1988
13.jpg (7230 bytes) Swim call off Bermuda DASO patrol 1990 (I think)
14.jpg (10671 bytes) Kiley DINQ

Another Swim call photo op
16.jpg (15281 bytes) Tecca (LOS) D'Astoli (ALOS) Bailey (MCRP)
17.jpg (12160 bytes) The COB
18.jpg (13723 bytes) D'Astoli, Hoovler, Thomas, Ormsby, Banasiak PNSY 1988


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