Kamehameha Photos 

From Joseph Mendonca

aka "Lower Level Louie"

The photos on this page were contributed by Joe Mendonca, an M-Div Nuc who served aboard the Kam in the early and mid 1980's.

scan.jpg (80178 bytes) Holy Loch in the1980s
scan0002.jpg (58182 bytes) Me (Joe Mendonca) between the main engines.
scan0004.jpg (141460 bytes) Santa visited me while on the ERUL mid watch on Christmas.
scan0005.jpg (213215 bytes) Taking a turbidity test on main condensate on one of my first ERLL watches in spring of 1984.
scan0006.jpg (174474 bytes) Finally getting my dolphins from Capt. Krom 11 JAN  1985 in the mess deck.
scan0009.jpg (194609 bytes) Fire drill aft. EMCS Starling and it appears to be Rick Hurley getting ready in the Reactor Tunnel. About 1984.
scan0010.jpg (30602 bytes) Moose from A-Div visiting in ERLL.  Probably to clean the drain pump strainers. It was a dirty job.
scan0012.jpg (118977 bytes) Blue crew on the flight to Holy Loch. 

Webmasters challenge: How many crew members can you identify? So far I can identify on the left side: Rick Hurley, Gordon MacDonald, Andy Spivey, Gary Novosel (back) and Hoague (ET) and Tom Kmeicik (ELT). On the right side: Joe Dietrich, Kevin McMahon, Lameleza, LT Pettibone (standing leaning on right) Greg Pancerev (back center) Dennis Walker (mouth open and tongue out.)  


scan0011.jpg (87559 bytes) Another of the same.
scan0016.jpg (54825 bytes) Lt. "Boomer Bob" Robert Hughes MPA (M-Div officer).
scan0026.jpg (51961 bytes) Tom Knight and Boomer Bob on the flyover.
scan0013.jpg (308224 bytes) This is a Gold crew picture in Sonar. That's all I know
scan0014.jpg (295078 bytes) This is another Gold crew picture.  I don't know who that is at the Ballast Control Panel.
scan0017.jpg (94973 bytes) Gold crew returning to Holy Loch.
scan0018.jpg (65990 bytes) Another photo of Gold crew returning to port.
scan0019.jpg (27391 bytes) Steve Byerly coming to relieve me in ERLL.
scan0021.jpg (40826 bytes) Joel Craft in ERLL (Main seawater bay). 1985
scan0022a.jpg (31594 bytes) EM2 Mark Putnam soaking up some gammas in the tunnel. I guess he didn't notice those signs behind him.  It's my fault since I asked him to pose for me.
scan0023.jpg (32062 bytes) MM1 Lee Thompson between the main engines.
scan0027.jpg (44932 bytes) Seaman Schultz at the offcrew barracks in Groton, CT.
scan0015.jpg (190653 bytes) Me and Tom Knight in front of the evaporator.
scan0033.jpg (105130 bytes) Preparing for Halfway night in the mess deck.  Greg Pancerev is in the corner on the right.  Spring of 1984
scan0034.jpg (90823 bytes) Another Halfway night mess deck photo.  Spring of 1984
scan0035.jpg (48310 bytes) The Halfway night MC's Julian Metzger (EM) and Rex Merrick (EM).  Spring of 1984
scan0032.jpg (68339 bytes) Doing mess duty.  That's Moose in the back. I don't know the other sailor's name.
scan0030.jpg (86876 bytes) Old glory flying at the stern. A couple of tugs can be seen in the background.
scan0031.jpg (195326 bytes) This is the LCM "Mike boat" aka liberty launch which was the shuttle that we grew so familiar with riding her back and forth to shore.


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