Kamehameha Photos 

From Ziggy

The photos on this page were contributed by Anthony "Ziggy" Zeringue, a NAVET who served aboard the Kam in the early and mid 1980's.

Ziggy 2.jpg (35224 bytes) Ziggy himself
Bill 2.jpg (28273 bytes) Bill Meade
642 Sponge.jpg (31877 bytes) Note the "642" sponge in the Nav Center. Carving up those little yellow sponges was a common underway activity.
Bill & Ziggy.jpg (71900 bytes) Ziggy and Bill
Bill 1.jpg (34221 bytes) Bill Meade in the Nav Center
Capt. Krom.jpg (37829 bytes)  Captain Krom on half-way night
Dave 1.jpg (31214 bytes) Dave
B C P.jpg (45087 bytes) The BCP
Dive.jpg (46837 bytes) Mr. Regis on the Dive.
Glen & Bill.jpg (23574 bytes) Bill Meade and Glen Larson in front of the SINS.
Glen Larson Field Day.jpg (22857 bytes) Glen Larson - Field Day
Houge & I.C. Man.jpg (32968 bytes) Hoague and Pat Lockard 
Houge & Larson.jpg (32844 bytes) Hoague and Larson

Knight.jpg (27181 bytes)

Tom Knight
Mr. Shiling.jpg (22352 bytes)  Mr. Shilling
Nav Center Fire place.jpg (38547 bytes)  The Nav Center Fireplace
Nav-1.jpg (40710 bytes) Blue Crew Nav ET's

Officer 1.jpg (32118 bytes)

 Who can identify this LT?

Periscope.jpg (30067 bytes)

Periscope stand
Quarter Master.jpg (41178 bytes)  Quartermasters
Ziggy1.jpg (35359 bytes) Another fine picture of Anthony Zeringue "American Fighting Man"

Thanks for the great photos Ziggy!


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