From Ken Loncar:

I wasn't a plank owner. But I was going aboard Kam during the outfitting in MINSY to get a feel of what I was getting into while I attended Nuc Power School. They were very accommodating to us early Nucs. I didn't even have to wear a film badge if I went aft of the Tunnel. Granted by today's standards this would in NO WAY happen. But in the '60's if the reactor was shut down and you were not forward in the LLAMS or in the RC there was no way you were going to get a dose of radiation. Those were the good old days when the "BS" wasn't out of hand. 

As a result of these tours I "re-upped" my re-elistment from 6 years to 8 years when I was aboard the USS Snook SSN-592 after my first 4 years of duty. One of my incentives was choice of duty stations. Kam was #1 on my choices. I was fortunate enough to get her as my next duty station. 

Kam had a reputation as a show boat. We had a "kick -ss" stereo system in MCC which was reputed to have cost about $10,000. It was really ironic in those days to listen to the Beatles preaching love thy neighbor over the stereo system in MCC and recording it on a state of the art TEAK (reel to reel or 8 track) stereo system while around us was the missile control system that was capable of doing you know what! 

I also remember the bust of King Kamehemeha, in a recess, in the passageway to the Captains Cabin just forward of the Control Room. 

I think that all of the gages and meters in the Maneuvering Room and Feed Station had their outer retaining collars chrome plated. I also believe that the inspection and access covers on the Main Turbine Reduction Gears, the EPM, Clutch, Steady Bearing, R-11 AC Plants, Main Condensers in LLER, and the Emg. Diesel Gen. Air Intake Boxes inspection and access covers and, I think all, of the other inspection access covers on the diesel and the SSMG's were also chrome plated. Wow! Thinking about what was chrome plated really started bring back alot of memories! I also remember being a member of M Div, and simonizing, "waxing", the bilges in the Main Condensate Bay in LLER, cuz it was a matter of pride to have the cleanest and shiniest bilges on the boat if not the Squadron. I remember that the O2 Plant in AMR1 had alot of chrome on it too. I seem to remember that the Missele Tubes in the "Missle House" or "Sherwood Forest" plus the gages and meters at the Missile Control Station in the missile house also had alot of chrome on them (similar to the Maneuvering Room Control Panels.

Here are some Qualification Questions from "back" then, or when Christ was a "kid." "Where are the Coffin Covers on the boat? Where is the Mason - Dixon Valve and what is it used for"? How do you blow shit out of the ships whistle?

As to the VIP remarks made at the commissioning ceremony you might make contact with MISY Public Affairs Office and let them know what you needs are and maybe they could help you (and us) out.


Ken Loncar MM1(SS) Gold