2004 USS Kamehameha Reunion 

New London, CT 

Here are some pictures from the 2004 reunion taken by the webmaster.  If you can help identify some of these characters send me an email. Thanks to Duane Russell for doing such a great job organizing this event.

01grad.jpg (84064 bytes) Our group attended the graduation of the Sub School class. 
02wettrainer.jpg (107702 bytes) Next we got a demo of the DC school wet trainer. 

03school.jpg (82324 bytes)

A little instruction at the Submarine Escape Training Facility
04thegroup.jpg (105747 bytes) The reunion group outside.
06chowhall.jpg (98519 bytes) Then we had lunch in the chow hall.
07chowhall.jpg (96750 bytes) Inside the chow hall
08chowhall.jpg (113811 bytes) Inside the chow hall
09_41_freedom.jpg (69947 bytes) This is the "41 for Freedom" memorial at the Nautilus Museum.
10breakers.jpg (95461 bytes) We did have some time to do some things on our own. This is Noi Pancerev at the Breakers in Newport, RI.
01.jpg (145305 bytes) At the Subvets in Groton. Early 80's blue crew.
01- clockwise from left: Noi Pancerev, Mrs Boog, Pete "Boog" Owen, Joe Osentoski, Marty Flaherty, Paul Metzger. 
02.jpg (105990 bytes) 02- same group from the 80's
03.jpg (91049 bytes) 03- Third one in is Dennis Kelly. 
04.jpg (110345 bytes) 04- Chris Aveta, Charlie Monks and Tony Jones 
05.jpg (107671 bytes) 05- That's Jack Townsend bringing the beer and Adm Sagerholm seated on the right.
06.jpg (113675 bytes) 06-
07.jpg (77776 bytes) 07- Fred Nellums in the white shirt.
09.jpg (97656 bytes) 08-Steve Spolidoro in the white shirt.
08.jpg (98811 bytes) 09-More 80's blue crew

10.jpg (234646 bytes)

Banquet at the Raddison

10- Capt. Krom (80's blue crew CO) talking to Charlie Monks and Tony Jones. 

11.jpg (89348 bytes) 11- 
12.jpg (87350 bytes) 12- Marty hits the dessert table. 
13.jpg (103778 bytes) 13- Adm Sagerholm and 
14.jpg (68498 bytes) 14- 80's crew with Capt Krom
15.jpg (100243 bytes) Bill LaRusch provided DJ services and sang for us too.


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