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Kamehameha Reunion Association News Page

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Any thoughts on a reunion?
Our 2004 reunion was held in Groton CT and was a great success. 

Pictures are here now.  

Some info from Rick Elster:

KAMEHAMEHA REUNION                AUGUST 18-21 2004

GROTON, CONNECTICUT                  

 First and foremost Duane Russell and Denise did an outstanding job.  Well done Shipmate.  We had 71 Shipmates, Friends and family.  Here are some of the highlights.  We toured the Sub Base and attended a sub class graduation and toured two of the training facilities.  That was great.  Some of visited the USS Nautilus and Submarine Museum some of us explored the Mystic Seaport and New London sites.  There was a lot of free time, which was great to spend with “OLD” shipmates, eating, drinking and telling some great sea stories, usually beginning with “this a no sh-----“.  Friday night we all met at the Groton Sub Vets Club for dinner, music and more sea stories and to experience all the memorabilia at the club.  Then Saturday night we had the banquet at the Radisson Hotel New London which was the host hotel.  Vice Adm Jim Sagerholm was the guest speaker and the CO of the Springfield had a few words of the boats mission of today.  He was the navigator of the Kam in the ‘90’s.  And a good time was had by all.

Rick Elster



Our 2003 reunion was held in conjunction with the Subvets convention on Sept 2-5, 2003 at the Reno Hilton in Reno, NV.  Here is a list of the attendees. And take a look at some pictures from Howard Grover. Check back here for lots of more pictures in the near future. 

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Kamehameha Reunion Association Officers:

President: Bill Hupe
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Vice President: John Lynch
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Yeoman: Al Smith
12612 S.E. Kent WA. 98031
Phone (253) 631-5010 
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e-mail:  crashaka@aol.com

Treasurer: Kert Beal
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Historian and Webmaster: Greg Pancerev
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