2003 USS Kamehameha Reunion 

Subvets Convention, Reno, Nevada 

This first set of pictures was donated by Howard Grover. More photos to come soon. Stay tuned. Also check out the list of the attendees.

SSN 642 004.jpg (28126 bytes) Bob Land with a photo of a 640 boat he won at Reno.  The boat is not identified so it is now the Kam.
SSN 642 006.jpg (26669 bytes) Plankowners Howard Grover and EMCM(SS) Frisbie.
SSN 642 012.jpg (47781 bytes) Howard and Vice Admiral Konetzni at Reno discussing THE RIDE.
SSN 642 013.jpg (12103 bytes) LCDR Godbey and Howard at Reno.  The LCDR is presently an aide to Admiral Konetzni.  When this photo was taken Chap said: Put this on the web site. So here it is.
SSN 642 016.jpg (26508 bytes) Dennis Kelly & John Bosanek with their wives at the Reno Banquet.
SSN 642 020.jpg (22058 bytes) Plankowners:  (Buffalo) Bob Brink, Ray Binns & Howard.  Ray is a living legend who is one of the original nukes (EN3(SS) at the time) on the Nautilus.  


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