2003 USS Kamehameha Reunion 

Subvets Convention, Reno, Nevada 

Here are bunch of pictures from the 2003 reunion submitted by Bill Hupe. Most of the suspects have been identified but there are a couple who remain unidentified. If you can help, let us know.  Also, check out Howard Grover's pictures.

Terry Conwell [MMC/G/64-66] checking in

Bill Frisbie [EMCM/G/64-67] and Dave Morrow [ETC/G/64-69]

John JJ [CSC/B&G/69-73] and Sonja Lynch
Lila and Howard Grover [EM/G/64-69]
Rita Marie and Roy Prizer[FTB1/G/64-68]
Don [ETCS/G/64-69] and Terry Tschopp
Rick Struttman [SN/B/64-68] and President Bill Hup [FTG2/B/71-75]
Weldon Koenig [LCDR/B/67-71], Connie and Bob Rosen [LT & LCDR/G/64-67]
Roy Prizer [FTB1/G/64-68]
Joe Kruppa [MM1/G/68-71] and Rick Struttman [SN/B/64-68]
John Bo [MM1/G/65-68] and Donna Bosanek, Roy Batts Jr. [EM3/SSN/94-98], ??, and Sonja Lynch
Rick Struttman [SN/B/64-68], Chuck Tyler [FTB1&C/B/64-67&70-75], and Bill Frisbie [EMCM/G/64-67]
Chuck Tyler [FTB1&C/B/64-67&70-75], Bill Hup [FTG2/B/71-75], and ???
Sonja and John JJ Lynch [CSC/B&G/69-73]
Connie and Bob Rosen [LT/LCDR/G/64-67]
Ron [IC2/B/65-68] and Bonnie Ortega
Dave Morrow [ETC/G/64-69] and Don Tschopp [ETCS/G/64-67]


Loie Engle, Mike Hill [MM3/B&G/70-74], and Glenn Engle [ET1/B/69-71]

Any ideas???
Klara Kelly, Betty and Jim Roberts [MMCM/G/71-74]
John Bo[MM1/G/65-68] and Donna Bosanek
Roy Batts Jr. [EM3/SSN 94-98], Charlie Brown [TM2/G/64-66], and Dennis Kelly [YN2/G/ 64-66]
Richard [EN3/G/65-67] and Phyllis Rabb and Duane Russell [TM2/B/76-78]
Rick Struttman [SN/B/66-68], Duane Russell [TM2/B/76-78] and Denise Cairns
Mike Hill [MM3/B&G/70-74]
Jim Rabalais [MM1/G/65-68] and Janeane Flugman
Association President Bill Hup [FTG2/B/71-75] with Dina Simpson, Fort Worth Convention and Visitors Bureau

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