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Kam Stuff Page

Souvenirs, memorabilia, and what have you. Send photos of your Kam stuff to me and I will post them here.

35th Anniv FDC.jpg (14930 bytes) Kam 35 anniversary first day cover. From Bill Hupe.

Decom FDC.jpg (14850 bytes) Kam decomm first day cover. From Bill Hupe.


atomic_city_hat.JPG (268827 bytes) This is a ball cap I found tacked to the ceiling of a bar in Atomic City, Idaho, not far from the old prototype site, when I visited in Spring of 2002. I wonder who put it there.

Kamahemeha Ship'sSeal.jpg (305746 bytes)  USS Kamehameha Ship's seal, from Tom Hanson.

football_metal.jpg (45752 bytes)  Football medal from Craig P. Sylvester, 1967. Craig has is a great story that goes along with this medal. 

kamknife.jpg (21357 bytes)  Kam pocketknife. From Ken Pugh. Mid 1980's

kamlighter.jpg (30943 bytes)  Kam SSBN Zippo Lighter, circa mid 1980's also from Ken Pugh.

kampentip.jpg (10711 bytes)kamrepen.jpg (61887 bytes)  Reenlistment pen, also from Ken Pugh.

kammug.jpg (30554 bytes)kammug2.jpg (23790 bytes)  Nice Kam coffee mug from the mid 1980's. From Ken Pugh 

overhaulmug.jpg (47225 bytes)overhaulmug2.jpg (45419 bytes)  Kam coffee mug from Third overhaul, Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, late 1980's. From Ken Pugh.

inact_cover_HG.jpg (126887 bytes)   This is the program for the inactivation ceremony that was held in Pearl Harbor on August 8th, 2001. Copies were sent to me by Ted Dick and Howard Grover. Thanks!!

3ringbinder.jpg (32558 bytes)  Remember this one? Official Kam Binder. From Frank Bates.

commissioning_program_TD_01x.jpg (88522 bytes)  This is the program that was given out at the commissioning ceremony. From the collection of Ted Dick. I also have all the inside pages scanned. I will post them soon.

invitation_TD_Commisioning.jpg (49450 bytes)  Invitation to the commissioning ceremony.  From the collection of Ted Dick. 

RE_642modelx.jpg (64703 bytes)  From the collection of Rick Elster. Plaque, lighter, ships' model and two coffee cups that were given to each of the plankowners. 

RE_lei_tag01x.jpg (54520 bytes)  RE_lei_tag02x.jpg (83302 bytes)   From the collection of Rick Elster. Is this perhaps the most obscure piece of Kam memorabilia? It is a tag from the flower lei.  From the launching  launching party I presume.

RE_sugarpacket01x.jpg (26918 bytes)  RE_sugarpacket02x.jpg (25351 bytes)   From the collection of Rick Elster. A Kamehameha sugar packet. Rick gets the pack rat award for keeping this and the previous one!

 301Invitation1965.jpg (30065 bytes)  An invitation to the Commissioning Party for the Kamehameha, 10 December, 1965.  From Jack Townsend.

301Kam_Launch_Prog_exterior.jpg (132813 bytes)  301_Kam_Launch_Prog_Interior.jpg (144878 bytes)   From Jack Townsend: the Kamehameha Launching Program.  The program was on 8 X 14 paper folded three times.   

301KamMissileShot.jpg (35017 bytes)  From Jack Townsend:  "The card with the picture of the missile consists of an inside view of a little folder that the Blue Crew was given after the Kam's first successful missile shot at the Cape.  I rode the support ship on the day of that missile shot so I have a few other pictures of the event that I will also send later.  The front of the folder (which is damaged) contains a light blue image of King Kamehameha wearing a dark blue cape and above the image, it says USS Kamehameha SSBN642."

chgOFcommand.jpg (19378 bytes)  This is the official invitation for the first gold crew change of command. Donated by Howard Grover.

  This tattoo is the proud possession of Robert Wall. Damn, I am impressed. I would have to say this is possibly the ultimate in Kamfish memorabilia.  Can anyone top this? 

buckle.jpg (24152 bytes)  Gary Tebbett sent this one in. It is one of the belt buckles the blue crew had made in Guam in '69 or '70.

642beltbuckle.jpg (37090 bytes)  A belt buckle from Bob Lynch

This is a photo of the Commissioning Plaque, apparently awarded to plankowners. It is a little nicer than the plaque I have. Pat Miles sent me this photo.

plaque.jpg (231078 bytes)  Steve Chickering sent this one in. He says: "This plaque is hanging on the wall on display at the sub museum in Portsmouth, New Hampshire (near the shipyard). The USS Albacore (569) is also there for tours. Since some of the Kam's conversion in 1992 had something to do with Portsmouth yard, the USS Hunley must have donated it to the local museum." Click on the image to see the full photo.

I bought this Zippo lighter from Don Jackson. It is brand new in mint condition. Note that it says SSN 642, not SSBN 642. He has more available. If you are interested, email Don Jackson at: engbully@pa.net 

This is the older Kamehameha lighter, the SSBN lighter. I used to have one but I left it at a bar a few years ago. It had my name engraved on it. I'm still looking for one like it. I saw this one sell on ebay - got outbid (I guess I didn't want it THAT bad).

First day in commission cover. December 10, 1965 at 2:00PM. I also have the matching launching cover. This one is not for sale, but I often see them on ebay.

This one is the launching cover. January 16, 1965 at 11:30 AM.

Another style of launch cover. This one was sent by Roy Prizer.

cover.jpg (171769 bytes)  15th Birthday cover from Steve Chickering. Click on the image to see the full photo.


cover2.jpg (430110 bytes)  Another cover from Steve Chickering. Click on the image to see the full photo.

 301_Sticker.jpg (44516 bytes)  A sticker logo from Steven Asaro, circa 1970's.


Nice patch sold on ebay for $8.01. I like the gold trim. I have one, but it has yellow trim.

This is a scan of an old T-shirt that I still have.  Click on the image to see the full size version.  I can't wear it any more because  it's worn out and I'm way too fat now, but it looks cool. The design was drawn by Paul Metzger aka Julian.aka Raul. He did alot of other nice drawings, some of which were featured in the "dolphin" calendar.  Speaking of Raul, does anyone know where the hell he ended up?

Another t-shirt, circa 1985 or so. I'm not sure who did this one. Cool design though.  That reminds me, one of the rec committee's biggest sellers was the Kamehemeha "Jam Dive" women's panties. presumably for wives and girlfriends.  There was also the companion ":Jam Rise" briefs.

tshirt3.jpg (74911 bytes) From Jeff Bowman. A t-shirt from about 1988. The artist was  Nav ET Brian Stegner.

How about this one? It's the Welcome Aboard book...also about 1985.

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