Five Decades of the USS Kamehameha

A Photo History

This area contains hundreds of photos and stories of the USS Kamehameha. Send your stories and your photos to me and I will post them here. I am especially looking for stories on what it was like to serve on the Kamehameha in the 1960s 70s. 80's, 90's and beyond.  Have any anecdotes or funny stories? Send 'em to me!

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The 1960's

Keel laid 1963, Mare Island naval Shipyard.
Launching 1965
Commissioning 1965
First Polaris Patrol 1966
Patrols from Guam, Squadron 15

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The 1970's

The cold war continues. Nixon, Ford, and Carter
Transfer to the Atlantic Fleet, 1970
Squadron 18, Charleston
Overhaul in Groton, 1971
Conversion to the Poseidon weapons system
Transfer to Rota, Spain Squadron 16, 1973
Transfer to Holy Loch, Squadron 14, 1979

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The 1980's

The Reagan era cold war intensifies
Overhaul in PNSY, 1982
Transfer to Squadron 14 Holy Loch, Patrols 50-58
Another overhaul in PNSY 1986-89

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The 1990's

Last deterrent patrol, patrol 63, 1992
End of the cold war... A new era begins
Missile systems inactivated 
Conversion to SSN with special missions
Transfer to Squadron 1, Pearl Harbor, 1993 

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2000 and Beyond

More special operations
Deactivation in Hawaii
One last cruise
Decommissioning in Washington, 2002

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Meet the Crew

Lots of photos of Kamehameha crewmembers, past and present.

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