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The USS Kamehameha and Reunion and Decommissioning Ceremony

Well, its over. The official decommissioning of the USS Kamehameha took place on April 2nd, 2002 at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard. Our ship's reunion took place on March 30, 2002. Many former and present crewmembers, family members, and friends of the Kamehameha were present. 
hotel.jpg (46344 bytes)

The Reunion

Our base of operations for the reunion was the Westcoast Silverdale Hotel in Silverdale, Washington. 

The Navy  provided  a trip to visit the Kam in dry dock at 1000 on Saturday. Due to security reasons, only the former crew members were allowed to go and not any others such as family members. A number of us who traveled from the east coast arrived too late to make the visit. This was the only disappointment of an otherwise great weekend. 

Bill's Office.JPG (20101 bytes) We had a hospitality room on the 2nd floor that was the scene of  just a little drinking and telling of many old sea stories.
C Tyler Chief.jpg (86155 bytes)  Buff Brink, Mel Sprinkle and Chief Tyler.
JJ Lynch.jpg (71156 bytes) J. J. Lynch and Greg LaCoy. Greg's father, Marvin H. (Pappy) LaCoy served on Kam in the 60's.
Steve Spolidoro QM3 71-75 gold.jpg (114425 bytes) Steve Spolidoro, a former QM and Bud Atkins Gold Crew COB. 
pig.jpg (52368 bytes)

The Party

The reunion party at the Trident Ball Room on Sub Base Bangor on 30 March was a Hawaiian-style Luau with a roast pig, shrimp, chicken, and other treats. The food was awesome! We had something like 60 Hawaiian dancers for entertainment. 

The name of the group that danced is: Halau Hula O Healani, Mai Ka Aina O Na Kumu Laau Ki'eKi'e which means: House of Hula of Healani, From the Land of Tall Trees.

ozgregmarty.jpg (52797 bytes) We had lots of time to reminisce with old friends. This is Joe Ozentoski, Greg Pancerev, and Marty Flaherty, Three nucs from the 1983 to 1986 era. 
seattle.jpg (26989 bytes)

Easter Sunday was a family day. Some of us made to to the beautiful city of Seattle. I am told that a few of us found our way to the Horse and Cow later that night too. 

norieka.jpg (64635 bytes)

The Memorial Service

Monday April 1st, we attended a submarine memorial ceremony at Deterrent Park on Sub Base Bangor. They have the sail and rudder of the USS Woodrow Wilson (SSBN 624) along with some of the superstructure. That is Captain Noreika speaking. The TTF building is in the background.

plankownwers.jpg (77092 bytes) Here is a photo of the plankowners who attended the ceremony. 
624sail.jpg (69450 bytes) Old shipmates Marty Flaherty, Greg Pancerev, Pat Lockard, Shawn Lockwood, and Brian Ansbach, standing by the sail.
Capt Leddick 65-67.jpg (59830 bytes) Capt Leddick, first Blue Crew CO,  64-67
Capt Noreika 74-78.jpg (65950 bytes) Capt Noreika 74-78
Angilletta - Hupe.jpg (92804 bytes) Don Angiletta and Bill Hupe. It WAS kind of cold out there.
Leddick, Bacon, Me.jpg (60162 bytes) Capt. Leddick, Bob Baldwin, and Admiral Bacon. ADM Bacon was the first gold engineer on Kam. He was a LT. at the time.
pnsygym.jpg (66058 bytes)

The Decommissioning Ceremony

The official decommissioning ceremony for USS Kamehameha  (SSN 642) was held at the PSNS gym at PSNS Bremerton, Washington at 10:00 am April 2, 2002.

Sagerholm - Beal.jpg (93417 bytes) Admiral Sagerholm and Kert Beal.
Union Jack.jpg (168023 bytes)  We had a live closed circuit television view from the Kam in the drydock. 
lastsalute.jpg (51764 bytes) This is the final salute as the commissioning pennant and union jack are being hauled down for the last time.
cake.jpg (41731 bytes)

The Reception

A reception was held immediately after the decomm ceremony.

Cutting the cake.jpg (98391 bytes) Former captains cutting the cake.
Sagerholm, Noreika, Seal, Davis.jpg (94669 bytes) More pictures to come soon!!!

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