Mike Byers wrote:

I am 58 years old and at the time of this event 23 years old. All I recall about that day was going with a friend off Diamond Head in a small "runabout" and waiting a long time for the USS Kamehameha to arrive in Hawaii. We were floating in the area off Diamond head when we heard warnings from Marine helicopters to move out of the area quickly. It was too late. Suddenly, out of the depths of the sea, the "monster" Submarine came up like a rocket and splashed down causing a great wake for our small boat. What a sight! I had never seen anything like it. This was the first atomic submarine or ship that I had ever seen.

I was standing on the motor boat with my hand on the windshield. I can see myself in the news paper picture but it is very faint. I had drawn an arrow above myself. The next day I saw the headlines with this photo. I cut it out and saved it all these years. A paper then cost 10 cents.


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