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April 1990 Kamehameha Gold Crew Sailing List

Jeff Samms sent me this list. It comes from April of 1990. The boat had just come out of the overhaul and was on DASO trials. If anyone objects to having their name on here, send an email to  GPancerev@earthlink.net and I will fix it.

Last Name First Name Rate
Kindel George F. CO/CDR
Richey Truman A. XO/LCDR
Delonga David M. Eng/LCDR
Miller James D. Nav/LCDR
Lavasseur Philip G. Weps/LT
Tovar Timothy P. LTJG
Baldino James J. LT
Seawright David A. LTJG
Babos Jeffrey C. LT
Tiberii David A. LTJG
Herrington Philip R. LTJG
Kapopoulos Ernest J. LT
Sheltry Joseph F. ENS
Jantsch M.A. COB/MMCM(SS)
Holbrook N.F. ETCS(SS)
Johnston K.K. ETCS(SS)
Mandry O.R. ETCS(SS)
Marshall M.W. EMCS(SS)
Michael K.D. STSCS(SS)
Baade D.L. TMC(SS)
Carmody K.J. MTC(SS)
Ference J.B. SKC(SS)
Kelly J.R. MMC(SS)
Rosenberg B.B. FTB(SS)
Smith B.A. MSC(SS)
Tuten J.W. RMC(SS)
Webers M.R. MMC(SS)
Adcox C.R. ET3(SS)
Agnew P.D. IC1(SS)
Alcazar L.E. ET3(SU)
Anderegg R.G. MM1(SS)
Arel S.E. FTB1(SS)
Arnold D.D. EM2(SU)
Bartley D.L. SN(SU)
Burchette N.D. TMSA(SU)
Burns M.K. SA(SU)
Carter W.R. RM3(SS)
Centeleghe M.V. MT3(SS)
Chaffin, Jr. L.J. QM2(SS)
Chandler R.N. EM1(SS)
Charles M.R. ET1(SS)
Cloutier C.S. ET2(SS)
Cole T.R. EM1(SS)
Comstock II F.G. ET2(SS)
Conn S.D. QM1(SS)
Cox T.J. SN(SS)
Demott J.E. MT1(SS)
Desbiens M.M. ET3(SU)
Dever T.D. ET1(SS)
Diaz K.A. FTG1(SS)
Dill R.P. MM2(SS)
Dodson J.E. MM1(SS)
Dove K.D. MS2(SS)
Dunagan H.P. STS2(SS)
Fowler J.M. EM2(SS)
Gaffney T.J. RM1(SS)
Gardner D.L. FTG3(SU)
Gardner F.K. MM2(SS)
Gardner R.F. MM2(SS)
Geary J.L. YNSN(SU)
Geever D.J. ET1(SS)
Gibson E.C. MS3(SS)
Gleason R.S. RM2(SS)
Gordon S.T. YN1(SS)
Hall W.L. HW1(SU)
Hammond C.A. MT2(SS)
Hardenburgh A.J. STS2(SS)
Harmon A.E. MM1(SS)
Henard J.P. ET2(SS)
Herman T.J. MT2(SS)
Hester J.A. MM3(SU)
Hodges, Jr. J.W. FTB3(SU)
Hoovler P.D. MT2(SS)
Houle W.M. MT1(SS)
Huffman E.D. MT3(SU)
Johnson II R.C. EM2(SS)
Kaiser G.L. MM2(SS)
Kalish P.E. ET3(SU)
Katherman, Jr. D.L. MT3(SS)
Kelly T.P. STS3(SU)
Kenderdine D.E. EM3(SU)
Kiley L.P. TM3(SS)
Lamb W.A. MS2(SU)
Leckert III J.T. STS3(SU)
Legge W.S. SA(SU)
Leonard T.P. STS2(SS)
Leveillee U.G. MT3(SU)
Lortie J.S. EM1(SS)
Maher M. MM2(SS)
Mallett S.B. SN(SS)
Markle R.C. MM1(SS)
McCain M.A. MM1(SS)
McDowell J.G. FTB2(SS)
Mele J.J. ET3(SS)
Migliore C.W. MM3(SS)
Montano T.L. QM3(SS)
Moore W.R. FA(SU)
Moyer J.P. MS1(SS)
Musselman E.T. FA(SS)
Niermann J.L.O. STS1(SS)
Northam, Jr. W.A. STS2(SS)
Norton R.L. MT3(SS)
Nyce P.C. MT3(SU)
Nortum J.P. MM3(SU)
Oneill B.S. MM3(SU)
Pavlacky K.R. IC3(SU)
Peters J.K. ICFN(SU)
Ratliff G.L. ET2(SS)
Reeves T.R. MM2(SU)
Rossell W.J. MT3(SS)
Rowland J.R. STS3(SU)
Rund B.D. SKSA(SS)
Russell H.Z. RM1(SS)
Salinas G.R. QMSA(SS)
Samms J.K. MM3(SS)
Sangid, Jr. D.E. MM2(SS)
Santana D.G. ET2(SU)
Sauter J.R. MT1(SS)
Schultz K.A. QM2(SS)
Scott M.L. QMSN(SU)
Shultz R.L. MSSR(SU)
Simmons, Jr. E.S. ET2(SS)
Simmons J.M. MM3(SU)
Smith J.A. MM2(SS)
Smith S.W. STS2(SS)
Sommerkamp S.D. MM3(SS)
Soto A. STS1(SS)
Spivey W.A. EM1(SS)
Stefonick K.A. SA(SS)
Stein P.E. MM3(SU)
St Jacque M.J. EM3(SS)
Storey J.E. FTB3(SS)
Sullivan D.T. ET2(SS)
Thomas G.A. MM2(SU)
Tiff P.K. RM3(SU)
Tirpak J.B. YN2(SS)
Turner A. MM2(SU)
Wardlaw J.W. IC2(SU)
Warren B.D. MM2(SS)
Welch B.K. TM2(SS)
Welshans D.A. ET2(SS)
Wernecker S.A. STS2(SU)
Williams A.J. MSSN(SU)
Williams M.C. EM2(SS)
Willis, Jr. J.A. SA(SU)
Winchester M.A. MM2(SS)
Wise, Jr. W.L. FTB3(SS)

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