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From Craig Blichfeldt


My name is Craig Blichfeldt. I served on the Kamehameha with the Gold crew from June 1983 to June 1986 as a "Nuke" ET. I reported on board at the off crew office in Groton while the Blue crew was there. The fellow on desk duty asked me "are you on the Blue crew or the Wet crew?". Here I was fresh out of Nuclear Power Prototype school, so I couldn't help thinking "what the hell did I get myself into?". I knew the next few years were going to be interesting to say the least! (That's my wet crew story.)

We took the Boat from Charleston, S.C. to Holy Loch, Scotland via Halifax, Nova Scotia on my first patrol. I remember them saying the fog was so thick we would never make it in to Halifax. What would end up being our only port of call my whole time on the boat would have to be cancelled. From what the forward guys told me later, the Pilot kept telling the OOD that the fog was clearing "just a little further in" in order to keep us coming. I guess the people of Halifax really wanted us to make that port of call. We had to dock a few miles from the city at a small pier, but the city supplied vans to ferry us back and forth. I remember mostly how clean that city was and how very friendly the people were if they found out we were American sailors. When we arrived at Holy Loch and after assisting with bringing shore power on, I finally got a few minutes to go up on the tender and look around. I could hardly believe it, but there was my brother's submarine, the USS Whale (SSN-638), tied up to the other side of the tender. They were in for a three day port of call. What are the chances of that? The first visit to Scotland for both of us!

Three years and six patrols later, we brought the Boat back to Groton, CT with a few awards and ribbons that the Blue crew helped us earn. I had decided to jump on the "early out" program offered that year, so three days after docking in Groton I walked off the Kamehameha and out of the Navy.

It was an honor to serve with all the hard working and dedicated people on the Kamehameha. It was a great thrill to relive that part of my life through your website. Thank you!

Craig Blichfeldt ET2(SS)

I took a few photos of the Boat while I was on board. I have some external shots tied up to the tender. A good series of shots showing the boat pulling into the floating drydock. I also took a few shots back in the engine room. I figured I had just spent three years of my life back there, so on my last day in the Navy I ran back with my camera. There are a lot of Engineering people in those photos.

Kam12.jpg (70402 bytes) From Craig Blichfeldt:

This is a photo of me during a swim call off the island of St. Thomas. I believe that is Dan Schneider standing shark watch on the sail plane. Summer 1983.

Kam3.jpg (91126 bytes) This is a photo of EM2 Dave "JAFO" Jafolla. June 1986.
Kam18.jpg (54313 bytes) This is a photo I took while we were transiting on the surface back to Holy Loch. Date unknown.
Kam29.jpg (94253 bytes) The boat is getting ready to maneuver into the USS Los Alamos floating drydock. I was Repair Parts Petty Officer at the time and was on the tender when the move was made. Date unknown.
Kam26.jpg (99750 bytes) Here is a good shot of the boat maneuvering into the drydock. Date unknown.


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